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29 Apr 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S, Tom L, Chris & Ilaria

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Wayhey! A five player game. It all starts off rather pleasant and peaceful. Space soon becomes an issue however and Andy T funds the first terrorists in India to try and move into Ilaria's Asia. Andy S holds a strategic Central America stopping Tom controlling the South Americas. Chris takes Africa (which is barren for oil) and then takes Australia where he has more luck.

It soon becomes obvious that Tom and Chris are working together, you could say joined at the hip. Tom strikes out heavy against Andy S trying to break the Central America strong hold. Through some devious play the terrorists manage to wipe Tom's empire from the map.The middle east is a violent front line between the other three empires. Andy T tries his best to liberate Africa but is soon repelled and loses part of Europe in the retaliation. The fact Tom and Chris are such 'buddies' causes the Andies and Ilaria to make a pact, which Ilaria promptly forgets as she drops a nuke on both of the Andies, crippling their empires.

A turn or so later and Andy S turns terrorist. When it gets round to Andy T's turn he plays a Terrorist Upsurge, followed by a Global Jihad and then joins the terrorists forces. Ilaria is going for all out global liberation whilst the 'buddies' talk of world peace, focussing their attentions on the terrorists (of which there are many).

Through some devious play the terrorists manage to wipe Tom's empire from the map, forcing him to join the 'dark side' against his will. The 'buddies' are split. As this is six hours into the game things start to descend further into chaos. Tom talks of home and bed but Ilaria is close to winning, a blatant bank robbery on her part helps 'the cause'. It's all on the roll of a dice, if Ilaria gets four developments she can win. Drumroll... It's a three! Tough luck. The game falls apart and we call it a draw, although Ilaria seems to be calling it a victory. I guess it's all subjective.


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