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15 Dec 2005

Game Report: Andy S, Adam & Jenn

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We have fresh meat! Adam is new to WoT. He also isn't too keen on boardgames and would rather be playing Championship Manager. He's going to be a tough nut to crack.

Right from the off, however, Adam reveals his capitalistic, global-dominating side as his nicely-placed cities keep turning up vast amounts of oil. Each note passed from the bank to his grubby hands makes him chuckle and before long, thanks to a jammy treble-weighted oil gush, he's rich enough to buy the planet if he so wanted.

To cap it all, the Axis of Evil decides Adam is evil and he adds a handy complement of terrorist cards to his hand. Because Jenn isn't doing too badly either and doesn't want to fire Adam's evil wrath, they both decide to pick on Andy S, who tries to retaliate with a nuke in Adam's "heartland" of Africa, almost wiping out all four cities - but then Jenn steps in and sells Adam a nuclear bunker at the last second. Nuclear war thwarted and a couple more pops sees Andy S turn terrorist, no longer able to run with the super-powers. In fact, in a final twist of irony, it's a nuke in North America which hammers the final nail in the coffin for Andy S's ailing empire.

Not having much money, Andy S isn't a very effective terrorist player and has little effect on the Jenn-Adam race for glory. In the end, it's tight up to the finish line, but Adam snags it building one more city than he needs even to prove his dominance over the globe.

The Championship Manager addict wins in just over two hours. Incidentally, it's bad form to play someone else's game for the first time and win it. Just so you know, Adam, ok?


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