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18 Feb 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S & Chris

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3 player game. Andy T steps up to the board and makes the first move, he's wearing the 'balaclava of evil' before the end of his turn and we get to test the all new 'evil' rules straight away...

A few turns into the game and the world is looking a little cramped, Andy S has the Americas, Chris grabs Asia and Australia, Andy T is wedged in between the two.

Some lucky oil prospecting and Andy T suddenly has five cities before anyone else has even built one. This makes him 'enemy number 1' and an hour later his empire is pretty much desroyed, a few villages scattered throughout Africa and an outpost in Asia.

Andy S and Chris both build strong empires and apart from the odd terrorist strike they leave each other alone. There's even talk of world peace...

Andy T tries his best to thwart this by turning terrorist and unleashes the full power of the all new terrorists cards. However, Andy S or Chris could take the game at any moment. Chris is in a winning position at one point, if he hadn't blown all his cash... Bingo! Four and a half hours into the game Andy S liberates the world... Nice.


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