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23 Apr 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S & Tom M-J

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Once again we have to rely on ever-faithful Tom M-J for a test, so another three player game. We kick of an afternoon of global liberation and everyone's in high spirits.

A fairly standard start to the game as Tom grabs Asia and sneaks down to Nowhere, Andy S in the middle spreads through Europe and Africa and Andy T is over in the Americas. A few peaceful turns quickly pass and Andy S is looking lucky with some serious oil revenue coming in. He takes a risk and spends a lot on policy cards, strengthening his position.

... an afternoon of global liberation and everyone's in high spirits ...Once space runs out things start to hot up and Andy moves terrorists into Afganistan. Andy T makes an enemy when he decides to try and knock the wind out of Andy S's sails by nuking Africa followed by an invasion. Andy S fights back by crippling Andy T with the Kyoto Protocol followed by a plane hijack, almost bankrupting his Empire. Andy S takes Africa back and sends the troops over and invades the Americas.

Tom tries his best to develop in peace and is looking close to victory when Andy S sneaks in and takes the game. Two and a half hours, our quickest yet. It's only when we've packed up that Andy S points out his honest mistake of building a city on a nuked Country, an ILLEGAL MOVE, damn! We could have all carried on...


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