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25 Feb 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S, Mary & Hamish

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4 player game. Interesting start as it looks like Andy T's got the Americas to himself whilst the other three empires are looking a little cramped in Northern Europe and Asia.

Andy S makes a run for it though and in a couple of turns has raced through Africa, Australia and colonised the Middle of Nowhere. Mary tries to make an escape through Iceland and gets a toe hold in Northern America, which Andy T regards as an aggressive act and there's some minor clashes between the two Empires.

Hamish seems to be happy with a decent sized chunk of Asia. The 'balaclava of evil' gets passed around pretty quick, both the Andies have a short spell of being Evil and then Mary takes the evil reigns for quite some time. Despite (or possibly because of) this Mary never really gets beyond a couple of towns, her Empire being a testing ground for everyone's weapons.

Andy T spots an opportunity, nukes Nowhere and takes it from Andy S, knocking out a few other cities with terrorists at the same time. Andy S doesn't take this too well and fires off a nuke in response, regaining Nowhere a turn later.

Mary starts talking about turning terrorist but after a couple of strikes against Hamish he turns terrorist minutes before her. The two remaining Empires make some kind of truce while they adjust to the dynamics of Mary and Hamish unleashing terrorist hell against both of their Empires.

A few turns in and Andy T stabs Andy S in the back with another nuke and some funding of the terrorist cause. But Andy T is stabbed in the back by the terrorists a turn later when they switch their attention back to his growing Empire.

Andy S caves in and joins the terrorists, with a large wad of cash to fund the black tide. Andy T is crippled within minutes, from five cities down to one... down to several towns... down to eight or so villages. Cash drying up as the oil runs out and the globe is a radioactive mess. Fighting off hijacks and kidnaps he barely scraps through a couple of turns before the terrorists bankrupt him with yet another kidnapping.

A five hour game and a terrorist victory. Terrorist players need a little more tactical incentive, but it's getting oh-so-close...


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