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04 Feb 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Rich, Sam & Joe

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Andy T, Rich, Sam & Joe

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4 player game. It starts nice and easy, Andy's maybe a little eager and gets one too many enemies early on. Joe hits a seam of oil through Africa and the Middle East, looking strong from the start. Sam takes an ethical decision and decides to never to fund terrorism. Rich stays out of the action and takes most of North America and a healthy chunk of Asia.

Joe turns Evil early in game and stays Evil for quite some time, he takes advantage of the situation, although complains of sweating and looks hilarious in the balaclava.

Andy cripples himself in his valiant effort to destroy Joe. Too late in the game Andy and Joe make peace when they realise Sam and Rich are both looking tasty.

Andy turns Terrorist, but again it's too late to make a difference. A couple of nukes are dropped and it could be anyone's (apart from Andy)... Bam! Although Evil had passed on to Rich, Joe sneaks in with another 10 cities victory for an empire.

The game comes in at just over three hours, with a 'fruit salad' break in the middle. Feels good. After the general euphoria of finishing two games in a row a slight melancholy sets in as memories of 'nine hours of nail biting tension' float by... But all feedback was good and it feels like we're getting close.


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