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24 Jan 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S, Craig S, Rachel, Vid & Zak

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6 player game, 7.45 start... And some new sexy rules for the end game and other bits...

Andy S is hemmed in from the start after a vicious first move from Vid. He hangs on for another couple of turns, Vid tries to finish him off but the bugger clings on. However, in an interesting development, Vid has to leave early around 9.30 and hands all developments to Andy S, the lucky git.

We five fight on, Andy T looks tasty early in the game - too tasty though and after some nasty teaming up his empire is in tatters. Then it's open: anyone's game.

Andy S is looking good, Rachel takes most of Asia and gets a toe hold in the Americas. Then... round midnight, Rachel turns Evil for the second time in the game and combined with a lucky pick of Policy Cards... BOOM! A careful nuke in Africa and Rachel comes out the winner... WE HAVE A WINNER! Good game, good game...


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