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22 Jan 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S, Tom L, Chris & Phil

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5 player game. Kicked off around 9ish. Within minutes Tom, Chris and Phil are ganging up and sharing cards, money and who knows what else to try and destroy the 'threat' from the two Andies. We live in times of fear.

Some heavy psychological warfare starts to break Phil and three hours and a few glasses of Southern Comfort into the game Phil turns 'Terrorist'. Unfortunately he also has to get an early night and heads off soon after.

We decided to carry on as a four player game. Tom and Chris continue to work 'as one' and are quite a potent force because of it. It's not long before both the Andies join the dark side and turn terrorist. We play out the end game for another hour, verbally working on Chris to try and get him over to 'our side' but to no avail.


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