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30 Mar 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S, Helen and Alex

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Nice little mid-week four player game and it's peaceful for a good four rounds or so. Then space starts getting tight and Alex tries to takes the whole of the Americas by nuking Andy S in Peru. Andy T follows this up a turn or so later with nukes in Africa and Europe and Andy S is forced to try and rebuild his crippled Empire from his base in Argentina, a little peeved at being nuked three times in quick succession.

Helen doesn't make one aggressive move even though Andy T keeps having a little dig at her Empire. Things start to hot up and Andy T is looking quite tasty with six or so cities. Andy S points this fact out and some ganging up and one turn later sees him knocked back down to size.

Helen's looking promising, although a little cramped in Europe and North Asia. Then, two and quarter hours into the game Alex sells three cities to Helen and we have a winner... The boys are a little startled by this move and it's not even clear if it's 'legal'. Either way the game wraps up.


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