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05 Mar 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Andy S, Mark & New Orleans Dave

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Four player game and an afternoon kick-off! Our first 3pm start... And boy, is it a corker...

Mark decides straight away that anarchy is the only way forward and turns his initial two villages terrorist at the start of his first turn. In confusion, this causes Andy S drops a nuke on Dave which cripples his empire and within a turn he joins the terrorists as a failed state.

Andy T tries his best to fund the terrorist player and it buys him a turn. Together, Dave and Mark turn their terrorist attention on Andy S and unleash seven shades of shit. The board is a radioactive mess before even the first crops are in.

Andy T backs out of the deal with the terrorists as soon as he can and sides with World Peace. The Andys form a truce and concentrate on the terrorists. After their initial burst of terrorist energy, they get a shitty run of cards. Mark turns his initial two villages terrorist at the start of his first turn. They've been broken. Another few turns mopping up the stragglers and after two and quarter hours the Andys are in a position to declare World Peace. The terrorists are working on us, trying to turn Andy S to their cause. Andy T spots a challenge and backs out of the deal. Possibly not a wise decision as Andy S has two nukes. BOOM! CRACK! Andy T's Empire is looking pretty ropey, Andy S turns and the terrorists get a second wind with the sudden influx of cash.

Andy T fights on figuring that the 1.5 billion in his hand will serve him well. An hour later he surveys his empire, a few towns, a handful of villages.... fifty thousand in his hand. Then a good run of terrorist cards and several hostage situations... The terrorists bring the final Empire to its knees... Bankruptcy! Terrorist win: three and half hours in total.


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