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12 Mar 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Big Dave, Nick G, Andrew, Andre and Lady (sorry!)

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Six player game and a trip to London, War on Terror is on the move...

A nine o'clock kick off and everyone's in high spirits. Lady joins us after the first turn and the board is already looking cramped. Andrew drops a nuke in his second turn and sets the tone for the evening.

Dave and Andy T make a pact and decide to leave Greenland as a buffer zone between them. Dave is looking good, hitting a massive seam of oil in the North Americas and Canada (Thunder Bay).

Then things kick off in the Middle East between Nick and Andy T. Andre keeps a low profile but builds steadily. Andrew lucks out with South America as it's a barren place, strikes out for Africa which doesn't go down well. Within four or so turns he turns Terrorist. Lady joins him moments after.

A fierce battle continues, Greenland is no longer a peaceful place, and at one point Dave's Empire is brought to its knees. Nick keeps tension high with war cries on every dice roll. Outright cheating and theft on the Terrorist's part ensues; the bank has to be re-located. Nick's bank is 'The bank that likes to round up'.

Madness takes the game. At a couple of points it's looking close to victory for the various Empires, everyone has a shot. Twice we could have World Peace; twice human nature carries on the fight. 3am... Six hours into the game it descends into Chaos as Andrew sprinkles the board with ALL of the terrorists that he bought earlier in the game. All remaining Empires decide to let anarchy go for it. Simultaneous suicide.


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