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20 Mar 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Tom M-J & Dave M-J

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Andy T, Tom M-J & Dave M-J

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A nice little Sunday afternoon game... The three Empires start a respectful distance from each other. Tom tries to the break the no attacking in the first round rule and receives a harsh warning message from Andy (the intended target).

Dave drops quite an early nuke on the States which kicks off a long running battle between the two brothers. Andy turns evil and hangs back, his Empire slowly spreading from Indonesia to Greenland, extorting money from the other Empires with a vicious hand of Terrorist cards.

Tom invades Dave's Africa and builds a strong outpost, Dave backs out but takes Australia and moves into Nowhere. Tom keeps pushing through Africa toward the Middle East. Andy joins in the fight for real and hits Tom hard with terrorists in the Americas. Dave drops another nuke and Andy losses the upper hand of being evil.

When Andy gets close to a ten cities victory, the others work together for the first time in the game. Andy's down to four cities and almost bankrupt because of those damn environmentalists.

Everyone calms down a notch and consolidates their positions, Tom has now lost the Americas completely but managed to take most of Asia by pushing through the Middle East. The brothers concentrate on each other again: petty border skirmishes kick off. This gives Andy enough breathing space (and some very lucky oil rolls) to build his Empire back up again, moving in some nice space in Africa after he nuked it. Keeping his head down and trying very hard to not look like he was about to win Andy T sneaks in with a ten cities victory... His first! Five and a half hour game... Nice.


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