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23 Mar 2005

Game Report: Andy T, Tom M-J, Chris and Dave (Tom Friends)

A late start for a midweek game but we crack on regardless.

All looks fairly even and peaceful for the first few rounds. Then the odd terrorist starts cropping up and Chris seems to drop a nuke without thinking of quite how dangerous those things are.

Andy T starts to look quite tasty with four or so cities and a nice spread over Asia. For some reason no secret messages are written and the fight kicks off for real. A few decisive battles later and Andy T turns Terrorist causing chaos and an almost mutiny on quite how 'unfair' the game is.

The pace hots up again as Chris becomes Evil. The terrorists are looking good and fatigue starts to set in amongst the bullied Empires. Mark gets upset when a 300 million pay off to the terrorists to leave him alone is ignored and they launch a full assault on his Empire. Again threats of mutiny... Despite this Mark is looking good with eight cities at one point. But before long he's Empire is brought to it's knees.

The Terrorists bankrupt Chris into joining there cause and then the game descends into a 3.30am chaos... In the end we call it draw.


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