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24 Apr 2006

Game Report: Andy S, Andy T, Tom & Jim

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A four player game. The original 'WoT boys' and fresh blood from Jim who's heard much but has yet to sample the terror.

Kick off around 7 and looky here, we have new money! The "world bank of capitalism" has been given a face lift to include heads of noted satirists. Current list (in chronological order) - Juvenal, Jonathan Swift, William Hogarth, Mark Twain, Peter Cook and last, but not least, Bill Hicks. Just our little homage to what is a forgotten (but possibly reviving) artform.

From the beginning we have Andy T in Europe and N.America, Tom in S.America, Nowhere and Africa, Jim in Asia and Australasia and Andy S, being last to lay sees a sneaky way to annex Jim and muscles in on Asia too, developing strategically in his first turn so that Jim has to cross the sea to Indonesia in order to find new ground.

Andy S thinks he'll get away with picking on the new kid and then attacks Jim straight away in the first round. Pretty foolish considering Jim's just turned evil, picked up a load of terrorist cards and Andy S sneakily saw he was hiding a nuke too. Still, fools rush in... And after a bit of a tussle, Andy S banishes Jim from the far east and forces him to re-locate to N.America, much to Andy T's displeasure. Disgruntlement and indignation set the tone for the game.

Andy T agrees to give back land in Brazil and Venezuela if Tom does the same in the eastern and mid States.Seems like Jim isn't one to forgive and forget. In his following turn in retalliation for Andy S's two terrorist attacks, he nukes Mongolia, uses WMDs in India and uses terrorists in Malaysia to clear up. Andy S is left with two villages - knocked back to the proverbial stone age.

Tom keeps quiet during all this, building steadily and generally keeping his nose clean. The only flare-up point being the border between North and South America which Andy T transgresses at one stage. A bit of fighting either side sees a truce and Andy T agrees to give back land in Brazil and Venezuela if Tom does the same in the eastern and mid States. It's an admirably diplomatic deal, not often seen in the War on Terror.

Meanwhile, Jim's moved back into his "homeland" of Asia and Andy S has clawed back a few villages, but is wounded and finds it almost impossible to recover. After a brief spell of being evil and tempted by getting the Insurgency Emergency card, Andy S turns terrorist at this point, realising his chances as an Empire are next to nil.

Andy T starts getting greedy and despite covering nearly two continents sees himself getting hemmed in by Jim and Tom. In a panic, he carelessly drops a nuke in the wastelands of Alaska, sadly wiping out Jim's presence in N.America - and suddenly Andy T looks pretty strong with both Europe and N.America being city-rich. Jim - as we know, not one to shy away from retaliation - buys 300m worth of terrorists and slaps them all over Andy T's empire. Over the next few turns, they're responsible for robbing Andy of 600m worth of oil revenue. Jim also lands Andy T with a Political Kidnap which Andy cocks up, thus costing him a prized 'Bill Hicks' (new slang for the 500m note). In the course of a couple of alarmingly vicious turns, Andy T is a now looking at a poor and frightened empire. Time to regroup.

Andy S as the Terrorist Player tries to alert the world to the slumbering threat of Tom's quietly swelling empire, but being a terrorist, no one trusts him. He tries to keep the board in check with a couple of strikes, but is generally hindered through lack of funds.

Jim might be stronger if his earlier bruiser attitude hadn't meant he's been spending more on fighting than building. In fact, the terrorists make severe - if temporary - dents in his Asian empire. Nothing personal of course.

Meanwhile Tom, despite getting nuked out of S.America by a treacherous Andy T strike, has recovered well and a quick assault on Madagascar claims Africa as his own. A free development and another couple of cities and bam! Just over three hours into the game and Tom's won! His first for a while and wasn't he smug about it?


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