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08 Apr 2006

Game Report: Andy S, Andy T, Tom, Michele, Hamish & Aruna

Another 6 player game and an early start, in the hope that we can all go out in the evening. Tom in N.America, Andy S in S.America and Nowhere, Mich in Africa and Asia, sharing Asia with Hamish. Andy T in iceland and split in Australia, playing with sheep. Aruna split between Africa and bits of Asia.

Andy T was scuppered from the start, really, through a mixture of hubris and bad luck. Hamish became evil so many times in a row we lost count, but most people had a turn at the balaclava.

Andy S goes for an early push into Africa, forcing Mich's empire to retreat to Europe. Meanwhile, Andy T wipes Tom out of N.America. Tom caves in terribly easy and turns terrorist just after nuking Andy T for a bit of fun. Nuked and weakened, Andy T then joins Tom the following round, but not before having a go at Mich. She crumbles and decides to jack it all in and join Tom's terrorist army too. Well, well, well ...

So suddenly we have 3 terrorists and 3 empires. Andy S makes good use of the breathing space and has S.America, Nowhere and most of Africa colonised.

While the terrorists plot, Andy A realises he's a cat's fart away from winning - all he needs to do is knock out one empire and he'll have the requisite number of empire points. Foolishly, he's far too cocky, lays down his free city, another free village courtesy of an explorer's card - thus grabbing Africa and a cool 9 points. He needs 10 to win with 3 empires still in the game. So he drops a nuke on Aruna, which would nicely finish her off. By this point, his gameplan is clear and panic sets in. Hamish sells Aruna his nuclear bunker for pittance just to keep her in the game. Andy S is down, but not defeated. He uses his second nuke and fires it straight off. Lethal, and brutal. Victory is in sight.

But then the terrorists suddenly put an offer on the table. Andy T "donated" the terrorists a nuclear bunker before he turned and now they're in the bizarre position of having to pass this onto Aruna just to keep the game going. It's a tense moment, but they have no choice. It's this or defeat. The deal is done. Andy S is left hanging one point from victory, knowing he's going to get shat on from all sides in the next round.

Sure enough, he's almost bankrupted when a plane hijack goes wrong and he has to pay 400m in reparations. Countless other terrorist attacks reduce his once impressive empire to just a couple of villages before anyone can run for cover.

Rather than limp on Andy S turns terrorist, the former glories of his Empire bringing a proud tear to his eye.

Mich and Andy T have to leave to go to a gig, so it's up to Tom and Andy S as the terrorist player to try and rid the earth of ambitious imperialists like Hamish, who's silently been spreading over the globe. He professes world peace with Aruna, but you know he can smell victory. The terrorists try to contain him to Europe and Asia with a "terrorist fence" - an effective tactic, but one which wears heavy on the terrorist coffers.

After 4 and a half hours, we have to call it a truce. Hunger strikes. The terrorists and two remaining empires are left, battling hard but looks like the empires had the upper hand in the end. Probably Hamish was on course for a win this time. Of course, the game really should have been Andy S's a good two hours earlier.


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