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28 Aug 2006

Blair: Counter-Boardgame Tactics

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We can only assume that Tony Blair and top aides within the government are worried about the impending launch of the War on Terror, the boardgame.

Only weeks after we announce that we've sent the game to print, whilst addressing the World Affairs Council in Los Angeles, Blair referred to an 'arc of extremism' knowing only too well that the phrase 'Axis of Evil' is used throughout our game.

"The prime minister said: 'There is an arc of extremism now stretching across the Middle East and touching countries far outside that region'." [BBC News - 2 August 2006]

The British government appears to have learnt from the tactics of George W. Bush, who attempted to re-brand the 'War on Terror' as the 'Long War' soon after we finished the box design.

We have also heard from an anonymous informant that there are plans underway to try and move away from the term 'liberation' and instead use 'expropriation' to describe UK foreign policy.


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