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20 Dec 2006


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Of course there's a whole lot of you out there who couldn't give a shit that the season of mince pies and over-shopping is upon us. But for us independent board game publishers it means lots and lots of people buying things for friends and demanding that it's delivered before that special day, when Jesus was born.

Yesterday was our cut-off date for getting UK orders to you in time for xmas. For everywhere else it was last Friday, the 15th. Due to a poor bit of timing from 'the web community' we also got 'boing-boinged' on the 15th, which in turn caused a flurry of blog activity as lots of people decided to help spread the good board game word.

We're planning to descend into the dark depths on the 22 DecemberSo we, and our distribution partners, have found ourselves with something of a Christmas rush on. We're trying our best to make sure everyone gets their games as quickly as possible. Sorry if things haven't been too clear at times. We've made at start at better transparency with a delivery information page. Hopefully things will settle down in 2007, the large number of pre-orders followed by Christmas was a little tough.

On the 'tough' note, we've decided that WE NEED A HOLIDAY. Three years of fighting this particular 'war on terror' has taken it's toll and we're going to head back down into the bunker, smoke cigars, look at our maps and plan our assault for 2007. We're planning to descend into those dark depths on the 22 December and will not come up for air until 10 January.

Our 'Games Day' last Saturday in Cellar Bar 8 went well. We had a fair few Cambridge people come down and see what all the fuss is about. Pretty much everyone who came walked away with a set under their arms. Usually with some discussion as to who was going to carry it through town, as we had forgotten to bring bags. We also learned that one of the sets we sold was destined for Moscow, our first foray into Russia.

We're getting some great feedback on the game and some very silly photos, keep 'em coming. And just in case the game's not crazy enough with six players, someone's come up with a seven player version.


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