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24 Feb 2006

Game Report: Andy S, Jenn, Michele, Mike, Alan & Fiona

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A long-awaited 6-player game. In fact, it's been a while since we played at all, what with all our spare time going into getting this thing designed and manufactured. Tonight we're playing with lovely plastic counters, the first real step away from DIY to proper sets. A collective nostalgic tear is shed before warfare commences...

The set-up round is remarkably free of friction considering six players laying their starting villages pretty much fills up all the prime space.

We're down to 5 Empires and a board covered in black mountains of doom ...Andy S is has the pick of Nowhere and Australasia. Mike is split between Africa and Asia. Alan - new to the game and the last to lay his initial villages - finds himself unfortunately sandwiched on the Europe/Asian border. His Empire grows little but boy does he coin it in - he deserves a small business award for the way he made 3 cities pay out. Michele shares South America with Fiona, who also has Europe and Jenn spends the entire game playing in North America by herself, unhindered and somehow overlooked.

Things start hotting up as soon as the Axis of Evil gets spun and Michele is the first to don the balaclava of evil. Despite threatening a lot, she holds off any gratuitous violent acts. Except, of course, destroying Andy S's only city purely because she "didn't like the look of it". Meanwhile Andy S has sneaked into Africa with an Explorers card and has dreams of conquering the southern hemisphere...

Mike and Fiona start duking it out across the Mediterranean and at one point there are no fewer than four Empires living edgily side-by-side in Africa alone.

Suddenly Fiona gets careless and drops a nuke in Mongolia, devastating one of Mike's strongholds and reducing Alan's stake in the game to a worrying 3 countries. The very next go, Andy S picks up the 'Insurgency Emergency' card (formerly 'Global Jihad') and the temptation is there - although he's doing well enough, the dark glory of a terrorist victory promises too much fun and he turns terrorist - a very rich terrorist at that. Down to 5 Empires and a board covered in black mountains of doom.

Unfortunately it seems like Andy S's terrorist tactics were too heavy-handed and the remaining Empires rally together and work, united, to defeat the terrorist threat. Some are bought up off the board, others are fought, moved around and even nuked in the snowy wastelands of Nowhere (what a way to go).

Despite Alan turning evil and threatened with obliteration, Andy S can't coax anyone to join his terrorist team. With everyone focused on defending themselves, it seems Jenn's being growing steadily. A lucky roll and some instant cash from a GDP card means she steals the game! Three and a half hours, one defeated terrorist and a North American victory.


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