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05 Jan 2006

Game Report: Andy S, Jenn & Fiona - part 1

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A simple three-player game with a new recruit. Fiona is lured with the promise of free booze and is indoctrinated to a world of pain, anger and paranoia. Except, it turns out to be a very reasonable and rational game, with barely a scratch being sustained. What's happening?

For some reason or other, everyone is incredibly - suspiciously - polite and far too involved in concentrating on the building of their own empires, rather than the wanton destruction of others'.

Not Andy S though - he tries to nuke Jenn. Twice in a row... only to find she has both the nuclear bunkers. Bugger. Then the Axis of Evil gets spun and it's Jenn, fated to be evil. But despite the obvious provocation and the extra resource of terrorist cards, she goes easy on Andy S and builds more cities instead.

Fiona is visibly feeling her way through the game and tries a tentative terrorist strike, but worries too much about the repercussions to sustain the fight. Plus she's having some of the worst dice-rolling luck in the history of the game and every attack fails embarrassingly. She decides war is too expensive for her and tries grabbing the remaining land instead, which is - again, unluckily for Fiona - worryingly barren of oil.

It's all over in under two hours and was so sudden, we decide to play again...With Jenn having a TONNE of money and cards, Andy S can see where this is heading and continues to lay into Jenn, inciting terrorist attacks in her cities and even resorting to WMDs. However, being the only aggressive player, Andy S just looks like a nasty piece of work.

And it's all for nothing anyway. On her next go, Jenn storms into Africa, takes the whole continent and wins with a healthy slice of the globe and many cities.

It's all over in under two hours and was so sudden, we decide to play again...


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