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05 Jan 2006

Game Report: Andy S, Jenn & Fiona - part 2

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Just when Fiona thought she got off lightly, we start again. The first time in the history of WoT that two games have been attempted back-to-back. The last time two games were played within a 24 hour period, we considered placing a Surgeon General's health warning on the box, so it's with some trepidation on Andy S's behalf that we all dive back into it.

This game seems a reversal of the previous one. Fiona realises she was far too passive in the previous game and is also rolling like she's sold her soul to the devil in exchange for oil... which could be the case because she's stinking rich within a very short space of time.

Andy S seeks the relative sanctuary of the southern hemisphere - Australasia, nowhere and South America, while Fiona's spread through Asia is frighteningly rapid, leaving Jenn sandwiched in Europe and Africa. This time, Jenn has much less cash and little luck finding the oil. She desperately wants a double-win, though, and starts sending Andy S messages which list the various benefits of prolonging the game (for her benefit).

It's a rapid, dirty game from there on in. Developments shoot up. There's a bit of a tussle between Fiona and Andy S. It looks like Fiona could take it this time and she stays later than her own imposed curfew purely on the strength of this promise. However, despite her triggering a well-timed regime change in the Falklands, Andy S just sneaks in there and takes it in one hour and forty-five minutes.

And we're all still standing at the end of it. That wasn't so bad really.


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