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19 Jul 2006

The geeks speak...

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So we're still bathing in the glow of actually finishing the game, but it's getting far too funny to sit back and take it easy, the preparations for selling the buggers at Essen Toy Fair are underway.

Just because we've finished the game doesn't mean the testing sets are gathering dust. One's in Australia, one's in London and there are a few dotted around Cambridge. In fact, we're getting more fans of the game by the day. Some neighbours are particular keen, having a crack at the "mad bastard long war" version of the rules. 13 and a half hours later and they came to a 'Gentlemen's Draw'. (see note left for us)

We've also kicked up some interesting debate on the one and only BoardGameGeek website, a taste of things to come? A common response is 'let's see the rules then', so we're going to be adding them to the website any day now.

T minus 28 days before we have production proofs in our hands, bring it on...


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