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10 Mar 2006

Game Report: Andy S, Jenn, Mark & Jess

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A "couples special". In a remote vestry in Wales, with the wind howling outside... The perfect setting for a bit of domestic terror.

Better get this out of the way - Jess won. It was her first time and she protested she had no idea what was going on, but she won. So bear in mind that Jess hoodwinked us all by playing dumb.

Excitement was running high as the new prototype board was unveiled - complete with fully working Axis of Evil spinner. The War on Terror has come of age! The world was divided so: Mark in Australia, taking the entire continent for himself early on, but refusing, strangely to venture much further afield. Andy S had a weird Nowhere/N.American split in his empire. Jenn had Europe and Africa, whilst Jess dug herself into the jungles of S.America as well as planting the seeds of a wide-ranging empire in Asia.

Unfortunately the game was built around the idea of unfairness.Mark became evil early on, and build up his Australasian empire to four cities in a very short amount of time. It was a prime target for attack, but then he was evil and do you really want to stir things up with those on the wrong side of the Axis of Evil?

Proceedings were fairly peaceful, the world was a generally prosperous place and all empires were managing to live side-by-side in relative harmony. How this all changed is a bit of a mystery. The photo evidence just shows Andy S's empire suddenly vanish from the board. Hazy recollection says that an unnecessary sibling attack from Mark provided the only flimsy excuse he needed to turn terrorist. Certain people were running away with the game, despite protesting innocence, and desperate measures had to be taken.

Jenn feared for her safety, having a strong seam of developments down the centre of the board, but Andy S was after petty vengeance and keeping Jess from winning. A quick terrorist-provoked revolution, followed by WMDs, reduced one of Mark's and one of Jess's cities to rubble. Jess protested this was 'unfair', but unfortunately the game was constructed around the idea of unfairness... Mark was soon after coerced to join the terrorist force.

Jenn and Jess now faced terrorist brothers-in-arms and both were getting nervous. Jenn had a win in sight and so left Jess some valuable breathing space by developing instead of attacking. The next go, Jess rolled just enough developments to build her way to instant victory, the dark horse that she is. The terrorists never really got a chance to sink their teeth into the game.

Three hours in total.


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