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17 Mar 2006

Game Report: Andy S, Jenn, Tom & Fiona

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A late start and we're all WOT veterans. It looks like it's going to be a hard fight. Andy S lays first and tries to nab S.America and Africa for his own, which Fiona spoils by settling Argentina, sparking a long and bitter struggle.

Tom grabs Europe and some of Asia, but has to share some of it with Fiona, who seems to be everywhere. While Jenn's empire spans the globe in both N.America and Australasia.

Fiona responds by attacking Tom in the Balkans (which was as nasty as it sounds).Jenn becomes evil no fewer than three times in a row, thus amassing a huge army of Terrorist cards and dirty tricks. Before too long, she turns terrorist, believing to have enough havock-wreaking cards to secure a terrorist victory.

Meanwhile Andy S tries to flush Fiona out of S.America. Fiona responds, quite surprisingly, by attacking Tom in the Balkans (which was as nasty as it sounds).

After some lucky oil, Andy S is pretty rich and fancies his chances. However, before his victory march can take place, it's Fiona's turn. Using the 'espionage' card, she steals a 'psycops' card from Jenn - which she then uses to steal Jenn's formidable terrorist army. No one could see the next step coming... After covering the world in the freshly stolen terrorists, Fiona plays the 'insurgency emergency' card, doubles all terrorist units, gifts all her cards to Jenn and joins the dark side with an evil smirk. Tom and Andy S are left shitting themselves.

The end is surely nigh and in the next terrorist turn, Andy S takes the brunt of the terrorist violence. He vigilantly fights off a plane hijack and a deadly city strike also fails. But plain terrorist attacks leave all of Andy S's cities in ruin. Tom doesn't escape unharmed either. His budding Asian empire is left in tatters.

But the terrorists have expended virtually all their cards and cash in one turn, so there may be hope. Then again, with the black menace covering the board, no one's getting any oil revenue. It's a bitter stalemate, forcing the remaining empires to club together. Tom has a couple of nukes and manages to mop up a fair portion of the terrorists. Andy S says he's with Tom all the way, but secretly has his eye on a miracle victory.

After another demoralising terrorist turn we have to call a halt. Obviously it's going to be a long fight and it's a school night. The board is left with a healthy sprinkling of insurgents and two wounded Empires. Could've been anyone's.


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