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29 Nov 2006

On the eve of the party

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First off, we need to apologise for our last blog post. We relayed information that we had 'written in blood' that the UK pre-orders were 'in the system' last Friday, and that they would be "sorted". Because we're excitable little pups we read this as "posted out to people", but alas we've yet to get our heads around this business lingo.

So, the latest information, and sorry that it's so unclear, is that if you're in the UK* and you ordered your game before the 13/11/2006, then they should be arriving Friday at the latest. Once the backlog is clear we'll make a start on all orders post-13/11/2006 orders.

Hopefully Brian Haw might be up for a game. We're thinking of making him a laminated, all-weather protest setWe now know that there are a few boyfriends out their who don't believe they've got a present coming. It seems we've spoilt some birthdays and that sits heavy with us.

So sorry that the last mile is drawing out, but we really appreciate your patience.

The launch party plans are coming together. Our life-sized(ish) suicide bomber turned up yesterday and he looks great. The Terrorist Pinata is taking some kind of shape and we're tired of looking at bad facial hair after making 100 Terrorist Bingo cards.

As we're in London for the party we're taking the opportunity to launch our Petition to call on the Prime Minister to launch an independent inquiry into the legitimacy of the 'war on terror'. After Downing Street refused to accept our petition of two challenging Tony Blair to a game, we thought we'd try a different approach.

So we're going to be playing War on Terror, the boardgame in Parliament Square from 11.30 to 1pm tomorrow, Thursday 30th December. If you're passing, do drop by and say hello and sign the petition. We'll be the ones sitting around a table, rolling dice and wearing an EVIL Balaclava. Hopefully Brian Haw might be up for a game. We're thinking of making him a laminated, all-weather protest set.

But the real news of the day, some dude went to the effort to send in a new card for the game. Cheers Ian! Although we have spotted a flaw in your card mechanics....

Roll on the party!

* US & Canada... Running smooth. Europe and 'elsewhere' pre-orders have all been dispatched.


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