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24 Nov 2006

They're on their way...

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During the course of publishing War on Terror, the boardgame we've learnt a truth about business, and possibly even life, that we'd like to take this opportunity to share with you... NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENS UNTIL IT HAPPENS.

So although we have it written in blood that the UK games* should have already started to arrive at people's doorsteps, we're just not too sure until we start hearing about people getting into trouble with EVIL Balaclavas.

Andy S is on 'Terrorist Pinata' duty whilst Andy T is busy working on 'Terrorist Bingo' cardsHopefully as soon as all the 1,366 pre-orders have cleared the system things will settle down and we'll have a much clearer picture on delivery times to the various corners of the globe.

The Long War is just beginning, our launch party is next Thursday. Preparations are in full swing, Andy S is on 'Terrorist Pinata' duty whilst Andy T is busy working on 'Terrorist Bingo' cards. We've already run out of invites, so if you've not got yours, that's because you're not coming.

Retail news... The first shop to take on the game has already sold out, firebox.com have balls the size of Scotland and have taken quite a few copies off our hands. A few small independent games stores have been in touch, which is nice. Expect a full stockists list soon.

Of course, people are now playing the game and game reports are springing up, as well as reviews. We've had a first submission for the Gallery of EVIL but no challenge winners yet. So there's everything to play for...

* U.S. and Canadian citizens should already have their copies. We've been told that European deliveries and any orders for 'elsewhere' in the world should be arriving within 5 working days.


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