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03 Oct 2006

First sets arrive!

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A very exciting day here at TBG HQ: the first finished games have arrived from the factory.

15 sets of War on Terror, the boardgame turned up on the doorstep this morning. This was the first time we'd seen a complete, finished, shiny game - and the first time we'd ever clapped eyes on the cards as individually-cut packs.

We have to say, it looks amazing. We're not disappointed at all. We can't wait until these start turning up at people's houses all over the world and they open it up.

The first finished games have arrived from the factoryWe also can't wait to have our first game with an official set, so we're going to organise that soon.

Unfortunately, these sets are for promo & review use, so if you're wondering when you're getting yours, the other 4,985 sets are rolling off the production line as we speak and are getting shipped direct to the UK and the US very soon. We're expecting exact shipping dates to be confirmed in the next couple of days and we will of course update you with a more precise E.T.A as soon as we know.

Press update: there's a nice, balanced review of the game in Stars & Stripes and a rather 'serious' look at what may or may not be behind the game at Small Fish On-line (Small Fish is well worth further exploration) and if you haven't had enough of our rambling, then you can satisfy your masochistic streak by reading the complete transcript of the Small Fish interview.

People are keeping track of the various discussions and reviews springing up everywhere at the Evil Balaclava forum. It's probably the best place to keep up to date with everything.


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