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29 Sep 2006

Arabic edition?

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Another TerrorBull Games jolly in London and we had the delight of being interviewed by MBC for the Al Arabiya news channel. We've not seen the tape yet, but no one could keep a straight face and we got the thumbs up.

They had yet more suggestions for follow up games, with the Iranian market in mind this time. When asked what they'd think their potential audience of '130 million Arabs' would think of the game... "They wouldn't be shocked. In some of these places, they deal with bombs going off every day".

There were concerns that the Middle East is a little too hot for playing boardgames that involve wearing a balaclava for any length of time, so alternative 'evil' clothing may be on the cards.

We also splashed out some cash on the cheapest video camera we could find, so the blog could get weirder. You Tube beware. And we think we've found the perfect spot for the launch party, but it's all a bit hush hush at the moment.

Why? Because companies that we've been working with for the last six months have suddenly decided that we're too 'sick' to work with. No major headaches so far and we'll have a full update soon. We're just happy that the dudes who own the cafe round the corner are still serving us.

Order update: 578 games.

A big thumbs up to the Cambridge Evening News for giving us 600 words to respond to last week's "Terror board game branded 'sick'" headline news.

Loads of great contact emails rolling in and some interview requests for 'culture' magazines. Board games are the new rock 'n' roll...


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