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22 Sep 2006

End of a long week in the long war

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We thought we'd try and round up the latest events. So far we've taken almost 450 orders for the game. We're a bit behind on sending out our 'thank you for funding the war on terror' certificates, we'll get there in the end. It looks like another weekend will be spent working, and we thought we'd finished, still, it is the 'long war' after all.

We've done many interviews and it's been an interesting insight into the 'media'. Seeing what people publish about the game, the angle they want to take on the story. In the name of transparency here's a couple of transcripts of interviews with The Sun, ABC News and yet more questions we've answered.

To clear up some common questions, the games are due to arrive at the end of October, we'll publish exact dates when we know them.

To clarify the rumours, we have been banned from the Essen, Nuremberg and New York toy fairs. We're waiting to hear from the UK toy fair but they're not responding to our communication.

And if you're still wanting to read more, Andy T needed to let off some steam.

Play nice!


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