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04 Sep 2006

Factory proofs and advance ordering

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Ho ho ho, exciting times. We just got the first proofs back from the factory and it looks sweeeeet. It's a BIG CHUNKY BEAST. Seriously, this is a beefy boardgame, jam-packed with goodies. That's right, a beefy jam sandwich of a game, oozing mischievous satirical juices from every crevice. Even if we say so ourselves, it's looking marvellous.

We've also just sent the payment system live so you can now buy the game and rest those fears of it selling out before you can get your hands on one. Oh, and the first 500 orders get a signed, limited edition certificate type thing.

Unfortunately the games aren't due until end October, so there's still some waiting to do. However, there'll be plenty of news in the meantime - we've had some interesting phone calls, but we'll save the details of that for later.


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