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19 Sep 2006

TerrorBull Games' media adventures

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Well it's been a funny old day. If you don't mind, we'd like to relive it with you in condensed format.

7.50am - Radio Cambridgeshire
Look, we're just two lads who made a boardgame, since when are we people who make coherent political commentary before the sun's up? OK, the sun was up... which was also a surprise. Interview as good - complete with laughs and jokes as it should be. Credit to Steve Riches who was the first interview of the day and managed to keep things focused.

8.20am - BBC Asian network
Into another studio and a quick interview with the Birmingham based station. Instant getting into rather "heavy" territory about the taste of the game and zero questions on what the game actually is.

8.40am - Coffee interrupted by Smooooooth FM wanting a soundbite
As you can imagine, this soundbite was swift and possibly less than helpful.

8.50am - Mentalness
Switch the phone on after 10 minutes of peace. 13 missed calls and 9 messages. Everyone wants to do an interview NOW.

The BBC said this didn't really "fit the 'shock' angle".9am - 10.30am - It's all a blurry mess
Sorry, we literally did so many phone interviews that we lost count. That sounds terribly meeedja, dahling, but it's true. From what I recall, Radio 5 Live, Q103, Rock Fm, Virgin Radio, 3 Counties Radio, BBC North, Newstalk Ireland .... Um, seemed like more.

11.00am - The Sun, Irish Independent and more
Apparently our beautiful mugs have graced the pages of the Sun, the Irish Independent and others. We're not sure what others, we just have vague reports. XFM in London covered it too.

11.30am - ITV Anglia News studios
They want to do something on the "controversy". Had a very pleasant chat with the presenter and a bit of a laugh setting things up. Bit weird doing staged playing of the game and again the questions were ever-so-serious. Get the feeling that we're losing the agenda a bit. It's all new.

12.30 - 3pm - Bit of relaxation
Heads still spinning; tried to get on top of things. Already, some interesting things are happening: quotations are taken out of context; quotations are re-used by different media; mis-quoting is less of a problem for journalists than, say, deadlines; people want "radio-friendly" 10 second soundbites, no matter how complex the subject matter. Begin to feel slightly uncomfortable about it all.

3.30pm - Look East (BBC regional news)
After lots of interest, they decide not to run with it. Apparently they were very "po-faced" in the office and decided they didn't want to give bad men like us the publicity.

4.30pm - Train to London
BBC London want to do a live TV interview. Bit wary, bit scared, but why not? All in the spirit of learning. We have a feeling they'll get a 9/11 or 7/7 survivor into the studio as a 'surprise'.

6.00pm - BBC studios
They just want one of us. A coin toss decides Mr T. takes the stand. A dice roll would've been more appropriate. As expected, they have someone who lost their partner last July in the London bombings. What's incredible is that we are told by the show's producer that this guy took the time to read bits of our website and mentioned there were some good points. The BBC said they would probably cut this from their report as it didn't really "fit the 'shock' angle". Another great insight from the presenter, after we got a bit excited about world events off-camera - we were told "we can't get into foreign policy".

6.30pm - About to go on air
Minutes before we go on air, we get reports about Anglia TV butchering our interviews. I guess that's what TV is about. Seems like the editorial team might've had a different idea to that of the presenter. Not seen it yet, so can't really comment.

7.00pm - All over
It's been a bit of a mad day and a surprising - even shocking - end. Never thought the BBC would try and 'push' an agenda so much. I guess the story is all about "outrage", so it's in the media interest to insist upon outrage, whether this is true or not.

8.00pm - Tinnies on the train
Classy. Reflecting back on the day, we definitely lost track of the fun element. THIS IS A BOARDGAME. We wanted to shout: "Just a game!". A bit cheeky, sure, but just a game. I don't think we've started any illegal wars. Yet.

9.00pm - Lovely emails
It was great to return to so many messages of support. Really, thanks for getting in touch, those of you who took the time and trouble. After a day of "isn't this sick? what are you doing? what an outrage!", to get a load of emails basically saying, "this is brilliant" - that means a lot. We're getting an idea of how unrepresentative the media really is...

10.45pm - Writing the blog
End of a long and crazy day. To give you an idea of what people really think about this issue, here's a line or two from our inbox. And unlike the BBC, we'll make sure it's truly representative. Cheers.

- A fanastic breath of fresh air in the messed up world! If you cant laugh in life, why bother living
- I read the article in the Cambridge Evening News and absolutely need to own this game. It sounds hilarious and fun.
- Keep your cool, knock them dead & remember that regardless what narrow minded blinkered attitudes may be throw at you - you do still hold the moral high ground
- I believe you may have devised the single most effective way to educate the people of this country on the horrors of the US/UK foreign policy
- I have to say its clearly a stroke of genius or perhaps an indication of too much time either way its a brilliant idea.
- hey just wanna say i really support what ur trying 2 do we need more people trying 2 educate people in what's going on
- sold out bastards. could you be more stupid? you are missing something in your lives. integrity. how many people thought of this and didn't do it?
- Your representative made a good point on the REAL casualties in these times, those living in Lebanon. I intend on buying your game, if only to support your views.
- Saw London tonight on the bbc. I'm surprised that with their history of ground breaking satirical comedy that they would have so completely missed the point about this.
- I think you guys are genius. The mood of a vast portion of the nation is we are SICK of this "war on terror" BS
- Being able to laugh at our predicaments is what stops us going berserk, or even insane.
- When the Muslim terrorist effect you and your family you may feel differently about it! The Muslims are the problem not Britain or te USA!
- Just want to give you a quick note to say I saw the BBC London segment on the game, and thought that was some appalling journalism. Such emotive unbalanced drivle.
- People seem to have forgotten what satire is.

There you have it. We'll write a more formal (press release) response in the morning. But for now, good night. And play nice.


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