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19 Apr 2007

Off to Vegas!

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The day has come: we're off to the States to see what the citizens of the country that invented the phrase 'war on terror' think of our game. Hopefully we'll pull off a licensing or distribution deal, but who knows, just making it back would be good enough.

Due to extreme planing, the final day is nice and calm. We've impressed ourselves with our new press clippings pack. The stencil on the orange jumpsuits looks good. The stickers stick to the cockroaches, it's all going to plan.

All we have to do now is to see who wins the toss to take the bag with the camo netting and balaclavas through customsIt's not often you get to take a transatlantic flight with such an interesting packing list:

  • 200 plastic cockroaches
  • 3 orange jumpsuits
  • 4m x 4m camo netting
  • 3 'warning mines' signs
  • Atomic radiation sign
  • 4 end of world bed sheets
  • 20 plastic rats
  • 1 unexploded bomb sign
  • Raven on skull head figurine
  • 40 EVIL Balaclavas
  • Cardboard cut-out burning TV falling from sky
  • Flashing lights
  • 1 Geiger counter
  • Lots of other shit...

Quite a nice list, all we have to do now is see who wins the toss to take the bag with the camo netting and balaclavas through customs.

We're going to try our best to update this blog as much as possible whilst we're away, but who knows, we may end up losing our minds... Fear and loathing here we come!


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