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23 Apr 2007

Our stand is rubbish

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For somewhere so 'dirty', Vegas is a clean town, but luckily we can sniff out trash anywhere. Scouting around motorways and behind Casinos we managed to find enough junk to decorate our stand. Blown-out tyres, bits of piping, old beer bottles, jazz mags and some sand bags. It's amazing what you can find if you look in the right places.

Of course we received a few strange looks, three guys sneaking along embankments picking up any old shit we can find. Still, but we're used to strange looks, and you can always scare them off by shouting "that's right, we're here to clean up this town!"

We thought we had everything sorted and then Tom came up with the idea of burning one our 'rabbit rats', a genious stroke and an entertaining minute and a half as the rat went up in flames whilst Tom bashed it flat with a big pipe.

More than one person telling us that we'll sell thousands because 'everyone hates Bush so much'So we're ready, we've got everything we need to try and scare the hell out of everyone at the GAMA show. It's Monday, set up day, we turn up late due to car hire problems, but there's still plenty of time to make our stand look wonderful, in that 'big pile of shit' kind of way.

As soon as we fire up the screaming, blinking 'crow on skull' plastic wonder we get people poking their heads round the corner and jaws drop as they realise that they're sharing an exhibition hall with us. The most common reaction to the stand so far is 'AWESOME'.

Tom confused a few people by sitting at our stand flicking through Playboy with a sloppy grin on his face, it took him a while to convince and show people that in fact Playboy had covered our game in the May issue and called it “one of the most thought provoking games [they’ve] seen in years”. Nice.

We've met a few distributors and other 'games people' and already there's a positive vibe. More than one person telling us that we'll sell thousands because 'everyone hates Bush so much'. Hang on, surely people will buy our game because of the quality gameplay and finish, we don't mention Bush anywhere, because sadly the 'War on Terror', and our game, will last a lot longer than he does.

A few hard-working hours later and the stand is pretty much finished, and it looks great. None of us expecting a pile of crap and a stack of boardgames to look quite as good as it does. We're happy and excited, ready for the first full day of the fair. Just enough time left to iron the orange jumpsuits.


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