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21 Apr 2007

The long good Friday

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Finally the day has come, after dragging ourselves out of bed with our respective ladies, we three, Andy T, Andy S & Tom MJ, manage to meet and catch the 3.30 coach to Gatwick without a problem. After the initial excitement of 'being on the road', we all pass out, arriving at Gatwick feeling rough, but in the full knowledge that we've got a way to go yet.

Gatwick doesn't present us any problems and we meet half of the WOTumentary film crew there, who look as rough as we do, which is comforting. Andy T must look the most terrorist like, getting the full search three times before he's even on a plane.

Eight and a half hours later and we arrive in Cincinnati, time for US customs... Andy T draws the short straw and lugs the bag containing the camo netting, EVIL Balaclavas and 'warning unexploded bomb' signs through customs. No questions asked, phew, the bag goes on the conveyor belt and it's on its way to Vegas.

Andy S, being the only Vegas veteran, ended up 80 dollars up, which is just about the same as Andy T and Tom lostAnother couple of hours waiting around in airports and we're on yet another plane heading for Vegas. Andy S attempts to write a press release whilst holding his eyes open with match sticks, Andy T and Tom fall asleep in each other arms, a touching moment.

We hit Vegas and manage to make it past the slots in the airport without losing too much money. A quick taxi ride later and we hit the Gold Coast hotel, our home for the next six days.

It's Friday, 6pm, our Friday started 38.5 hours ago but that doesn't stop us. We off out to check out the strip, gorge ourselves on cheap American food and learn how to lose money in Casinos. Andy S, being the only Vegas veteran, ended 80 dollars up, which is just about the same as Andy T and Tom lost.

By 1am we're dead on our feet and the bright lights, beeps and whistles start to grate a little. Time to hit the hay and catch up on some sleep...

Vegas baby, one crazy assed town, somehow we seem to fit in.

Please Note: Finding Internet access in Vegas was a harder task than we expected, but now we're set up expect regular updates!


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