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17 Apr 2007

The WoT Sessions

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So plans for the 'end of world is nigh' diorama for our Vegas convention stand are finally taking shape. We've been purchasing strange objects and working out just how much camo netting we're going to need. But something was missing... Sounds. What kind of end of the world would it be without some screams, sirens and submarines diving now and then.

We even had time to record a rare glimpse of Tom Morgan-Jones guitar geniusA late night recording session is arranged... Andy T, Tom MJ and 'audio boy' Ben set about trying to invoke a sense of doom with a synth, mp3 player, microphone and a large cardboard tube. The first 'Terror Sessions' are about to be laid down on tape and the sense of occasion is mighty.

After several failed recording attempts we manage to get some free-style rapping under way. Ben and Andy playing off each other with synth footsteps and sounds of electric staplers. Although some tracks are forever lost to the ghosts of the mixing desk, we managed to pull off something weird.

We even had time to record a rare glimpse of Tom Morgan-Jones guitar genius. This man can do wonders with his hands.

We're not too sure how this all ties in with the 'end of world is nigh' theme just yet, but it'll hang together somehow...

Other news! We had a bit of a shock when we thought that Hilary Benn had given our game a bad review... Turns out he was talking about the 'real' war on terror, phew.


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