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24 Aug 2007

A Brief History of Satirical Wartime Board Games

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We thought we were pretty much alone in the satirical board game category. In fact, we assumed that part of the knee-jerk insanity surrounding our game was due to the disparity between our game and the typical image of a wholesome family board game, making board games a more disturbing and less acceptable vehicle for satire than, say, a film.

However, this article on the BBC site pleasantly threw our efforts into relief. It appears that our game is nothing more than the latest in a long line of wartime propaganda. Alright!

In this game, players have to throw darts at Hitler's moustache. Compared to the board games in the BBC article, ours is positively conservative. For example, in Bomber Command, players take it in turns to approach Berlin, the winner getting the prize of unloading their bombs on the German capital. Extra points for fire bombs, no doubt.

Another game, the Allies Dart Game, is less of a board game, but gets top of the list for surreal targets. In this game, players have to throw darts at Hitler's moustache. I'm sure this gave the Nazis great pause for thought and probably played as great a part in Germany's defeat as the Russian did.

We particularly like one of the reader comments, submitted by Richard from Kingston upon Thames:

"If only toy manufacturers had the guts to try similar things these days! No chance with the levels of political correctness in existence now."

Obviously Richard doesn't know about TerrorBull Games. We'd like to chip in and set the record straight, but we'd prefer someone else to comment, rather than indulge in shameless self-promotion (which we're not above, by the way). So why not pop on over and do our dirty work for us? Join the discussion.


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