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26 Aug 2007

War on Terror at Burning Man

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If you're lucky enough to be attending the Burning Man Festival in Nevada this year, then why not take some time out from the free love and hippy peace-loving vibes to spread a little chaos and paranoia amongst your fellow festival-goers?

On Sunday 2 September at 2pm*, there's going to be a special War on Terror event, introducing the game to newcomers and playing a couple of games in the desert heat, which is hardly going to help tempers stay cool.

This event is being organised and run by Big Bad Bill, who also organised the fantastically bizarre and unforgettable War on Terror Tournament in Los Angeles. The guy is a legend - and a lovely one at that. So even if you're not up to wearing a balaclava in 40 degree heat, drop by anyway and say 'hello' from us. You're guaranteed to make a new friend or few.

And if you do make it, please send us photos. We'll be there in spirit.

* seems as if the Playa Calendar is down at the moment - check back in a day or two, it'll hopefully be back up again


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