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11 Dec 2007

Let Us Ruin Christmas - Together!

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Ahh, it's Christmas... So here's our Christmas message: The planet's fucked, the economy's fucked, Capitalism's fucked. So, like the band that played on as the Titanic sank, why not relax and enjoy yourselves...

Roast a terrorist, gorge yourself on a defenceless empire, plump up a coup, nestle up with a politician or spring a delightfully well wrapped IED - your choice. Play by our rules, or play by your rules, and hope they're the same as your neighbours' rules.

Christmas is that special time for falling out with family. But with the help of War on Terror the Boardgame it doesn't have to be that way. We suggest trying for 'World Peace' this Christmas instead. We put this special ending in the rules ages ago but in three years of testing, peace only broke out twice...so do your bit this year and make it a peaceful one. Although for all you warring nutters out there don't worry, being the peace envoy doesn't mean you can't have your murderous fun too: you can still be an aggressive war criminal at the same time. Just ask dear, Christian Tony Blair. Good will to all.

In other news, we were as shocked as everyone else that not only did Richard Perle come clean about the illegality of the Iraq war, but that it has barely been given coverage in the mainstream media. Can you imagine 80's Soviet Russia owning up to the fact that its invasion of Afghanistan was illegal and this admission passing without comment in the Western media? So to redress the balance, here's the story again.

The planet's fucked, the economy's fucked, Capitalism's fucked... We're almost done. We've just got to draw your attention to our page of Stockists and all the lovely new shops that have come on board. If you know of any that are missing from our list, please let us know.

Amazon.com are also now stocking the game (Amazon.co.uk for our fellow countryfolk). Be a love and write us an impossibly brilliant review, will you? We're giving away a FREE, SIGNED GAME to the most blatantly made up superlative praise. eg. "this is game is so good, I now speak 6 different languages fluently and then I invented fire".

And for all our Antipodean comrades, a reminder that you can now get the game through New Internationalist and we also have a special EVIL challenge for our friends at the newspaper that called for a ban on the game - you know the one where the guy offered to take us into a room and kick the shit out of us. We'd like to send them a special present of you wearing a balaclava in their reception area.

AMAZON COMPETITION UPDATE - 16 Dec: We've had some shockingly good entries to our 'most outlandish claim in an Amazon review' competition, including one that has taken the definition of 'superlative' to new, giddy heights. We also particularly like the headline of another review: "Terror-ific!" But the race is far from over. If you want the chance of winning a free, signed game, get writing those reviews: Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk.


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