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07 Feb 2007

A Lesson in Crisis Management

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Keen followers of this blog will know that the making of War on Terror has been beset by many problems. We've encountered everything from shipping delays and toy fair bans to media storms and retail disapproval, but we never expected this...

In case you hadn't gathered, things have gone wrong on a scale that was previously only possible to express using advanced quantum physics. We're in a pickle, to say the least. We're so much in a pickle, that even the insides of a real pickle have no idea what it truly means to be 'in a pickle' compared to our present state. We are inside the mother of all pickles.

The gory details will have to wait, but basically the people we'd entrusted to store our games and fulfill all our orders haven't actually been doing much for the past six weeks. We only realised this a week ago and, in fact, the full extent of the problem is still unfolding ...

We are inside the mother of all pickles. In an effort to regain control, we paid them a cordial visit yesterday and managed to fill a van with games and bring them back to TerrorBull Games HQ.

What we know at the moment is that no UK orders have been processed since the 18 January 2007, no European orders have been processed since around 18 December 2006 and no 'rest of world' orders have been processed since around 15 December 2006. (US and Canadian orders are all fine - they're handled by a separate company in the States).

Right now, we're sifting through our order database and matching it up with various delivery reports and invoices as best we can. It's an exhausting (and tedious) task, but at least it's now in our control.

If you ordered a game after one of the 'cut off' dates listed above, we're sure you're wondering when exactly you'll get your game. The truth is, we don't know exactly. The reports and invoices are a mess and we're stuck between wanting to give an indication and not over-promising, only to run into more problems down the line. However, we're working round the clock on this and at the moment it seems realistic that we can clear the backlog in two weeks. Any change to this and we'll update the website.

Right now a career change into small arms trading looks really appealing. No hassle, government kick-backs, loads of profit and no one dicks you around, because, let's face it, even if you're the little guy, you're still seriously tooled up.


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