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15 Feb 2007

United States: War on Terror finished!

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Even with the Terror Team stricken with illness induced by haging around warehouses, trying to fix punctures on vans and lifting boxes of games, we've still managed to clear the backlog of UK problem orders and European orders are going out today. It's been quite a slog and big thanks to Jazz for coming in and helping us out in TerrorBull HQ.

With all this activity we failed to notice that our initial batch of 525 games for the United States & Canada was running dry, in fact we've sold out and had to stop taking orders over there. Sorry about that, we're more upset than you are.

How to take our life size (cardboard) suicide bomber on the plane?We've got around 2,000 games left and would like to send another batch over the pond. But the bulk of our stock is still being 'held' in our (ex) UK warehouse. We're trying our best to extract them as soon as we can. We'll be shouting with updates on the blog.

Plans for Vegas are coming together, there's now talk of a road trip to Los Angeles for a 'War on Terror Tournament' and some other great leads coming from the west coast. We just need to find a red mustang and work out how to take our life size (cardboard) suicide bomber on the plane.

And we've heard rumours of an EVIL Sunday football team somewhere in the north of England, but have yet to see photographic evidence.


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