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17 Jul 2007

Could it be ... a blog post!

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We know, it's been a little while since our last blog entry, not because we've been sleeping off the excesses of the US road trip, nor because we've been driving blazing cars into Scottish airports but because we're just lazy gits. Oh and we're trying to conquer the world with a board game and it's a time-consuming business.

So what's new? Well, we've put in the order for another 5,000 games, we're exhibiting at GenCon UK in Reading at the end of August and most importantly, we're very happy to announce a distribution partnership with Studio 2 Publishing in the United States. Studio 2 also have links with distributors in Australia and throughout Europe, so watch this space - we'll update the site with the full extent of distribution as soon as we know.

That's bullshit. I've won at least three timesWe also have a cheeky little plug to sneak in. Andy T has got himself involved in an impossibly weird and wonderful project: The Magnificent Revolutionary Cycle Cinema. Do check it out - it's a fantastic idea and revolutionary in many ways. The hard-peddlin' cycle chain gang are taking their pedal-powered cinema on the road, doing a special gig at the Big Chill Festival from 3 - 5 August, followed possibly by a national tour. Maybe? Who knows ... Sad thing is, this means you'll be seeing less of the Curly-Haired One round these parts. Not to fear though, Tom 'Two-Bloody-Marys-For-Breakfast-Please' Morgan-Jones has stepped in to fill the Dictator Boots. We march on ...

We leave you with some far-from-final words from Mr Andy T and a selection of weird photos from Andy and Tom's west coast road trip back in May. And let that be an end to our holiday - I mean, business trip. We shall speak of it no more.

"I've heard the rumours that the reason I got involved in the cycle cinema is because I had only won one game of War on Terror. I'd like to say that's bullshit. I've won at least three times*. After three years working on such a crazy project I just needed to stretch my legs... Big thanks to everyone who helped keep me sane over those years, who helped with the game, who risked their own sanity to test the thing... And rock on Tom & Andy, the TerrorBull is in good hands!"

Andy T promises to return from his tour for 'any decent parties', so we'll see him soon, no doubt. Don't forget to check his blog.

* Actually, Andy T only won twice. The 'third' win was handed to him to stop a potential tantrum.


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