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30 Jul 2007

The War on Terror is now a social event

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View our Terrorist Training video on YouTube

Last week we discovered there was more to this Internet lark than just our website and suddenly we've gone Web 2.0-crazy, thanks to a friendly kick up the backside from a concerned fan who thought we weren't doing enough 'social networking'.

Said fan made us a lovely Flickr group, a superlative Facebook group and we also managed to sign up for a Terrorbull Games YouTube account and have posted no fewer than twelve videos, including highlights from the War on Terror Tournament in LA, our booth at GAMA in Vegas, gambling our lives away, Tom fighting a plastic rat and last, but not least (watch this if nothing else), the long-awaited video of our Terrorist Training conducted back in February. Shitting hell, we've been busy.

Unfortunately, according to YouTube, we still don't have any friends, so why not befriend us? Oh there's also WoT on Myspace too - does anyone still use that? We don't.

Go on, rate us, mark us, grade us. Do all that linky stuff that gets everyone so excited. We love a bit of it. Amazing thing these interwebs, donchathink?

Also in the news, we've updated our EVIL gallery with some new and disturbing photos. And there's been a very exciting development which we can't tell you about yet because we're teasing cyberwhores. We just mentioned it to get you wet.


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