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11 Mar 2007

All our War on Terror are belong to us. Finally.

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After over a month of fighting with our warehouse to get our games back, this week we finally reached a compromise of sorts and the remaining 2,000 games of War on Terror are now back safe in our hands.

So here it is: why Uniserve are the latest - and greatest - addition to the Coalition of the Unwilling.

Things were starting to look bad before Christmas, delayed orders, missing deadlines, a distinct lack of information and general crapness. In January we started to get suspicious. We realised that delivery reports were being falsified and it gradually transpired that nothing had been done with our orders for over 3 (and in some cases, 6) weeks. Oh dear.

Uniserve responded to this situation by first sacking our account manager and then serving us a 'notice to quit', chucking us out of the warehouse.

They then realised they had misquoted us on delivery rates and tried to charge us retrospectively - up to 5 times as much in some cases - all the while, holding our stock and refusing to release any unless we paid what they demanded.

It gets better: when we finally reached a compromise and were about to pick up our games, the MD issued some impromptu 'exit terms', which involved signing away our legal rights regarding making future claims against Uniserve.

It's the end of a very stressful period in TBG's history. We have never - nor has anyone we've told this sorry tale to - heard of anything so unprofessional and we're still recovering from Uniserve's triple whammy of incompetence, extortion and bullying.

Here's to the marvellous reality of "doing business". We're now part of this illustrious network of seasoned professionals and important businessmen. We're living the dream, man, we're living the dream.

Other News: We've handed out our second 'Special Initiative Award'.


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