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28 Mar 2007

Re-supplying North America

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Have pity on our American cousins. For over a month now they've been WoT-less. Their lives have been terror-free, evil-free and - worse of all - balaclava-free since we sold out over there in January.

The War on Terror drought is coming to an end though. We have a fresh supply of games on a ship somewhere in the mid-Atlantic, due to arrive 30 April. For everyone asking when you can get your grubby mitts on a game, you can place a pre-order and be among the first to have your game delivered.

So soon you won't have to rely on Fox news any more for your daily fix of belligerent war celebration, bigotry, paranoia and propaganda - now you can supply it all yourselves! Order your copy now.

In other news, it appears Chris Morris is jumping on the terrorism-based satire bandwagon.

We also have some exciting TV-related news, which we can't tell you just yet. So it's a bit pointless mentioning it. Just shows us up as the teasing media-sluts we are.


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