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22 Mar 2007

War on Terror, coming to America.

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We've got some big, exciting news in this special, American- themed blog post.

WoT in Vegas: believe it or not, we've actually been invited to attend a game convention, rather than being turned away from one. Is it a trap? We don't know, but we can't wait.

WoT is going to be featured in Playboy's May issue So we'll be exhibiting at the GAMA '07 games trade show (GTS) in Las Vegas from 23-26 April. If you're attending, or think you can sneak in, come and say hello. We're in booth 1216 (see floorplan). Rather amusingly, if you look closely, you'll find we're just round the corner from the department of homeland security. We'll be holding daily 'find the WMD' competitions, so it'll be a golden opportunity to see just how good they are at their job. Or maybe just a golden opportunity to get abducted and wake up in their popular Guantanamo holiday camp. Who knows?

WoT in Playboy: We still can't get over this one. WoT is going to be featured in Playboy's May issue which will be out next month while we're over there. If you ever needed an excuse to buy a gentleman's interest magazine, this is it. Maybe we can drop in on The Mansion and get some bunnyclava action? But then again, maybe not.

And last, but certainly not least ...

WoT in LA: A particularly dedicated fan of WoT in Los Angeles has decided to stage the world's first War on Terror the boardgame Tournament! This is going to rock so much. It's going to be on 28-29 April at (yet to be confirmed) Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. We'll have some kick-ass prizes too and for what it's worth the entire WoT team (the creators and the illustrator) will be there, looking confused and laughing a lot.

More details to come, including information of how to sign up, but for now if you're interested in taking part or helping out, just get in touch with us and we'll pass you on to the organiser.

Lastly - want to do us a favour? We know you do. So if you've played the game and you like it - or even if you loath it - please take a few minutes to rate it over at Board Game Geek. It's like an American Gamer's Bible and we want to be the equivalent of one of the Ten Commandments. Thou shalt not judge a board game by its cover. Nor by its name. Nor by what the papers say. Only through the playing shallt thou knowest me.

Coming soon ... some You Tube silliness ...


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