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13 Nov 2007

Washington, Iraq and the ICA

Gallery snapshot. View gallery of Washington, Iraq and the ICA

The War on Terror sure does get around. Just recently, we've had two of our EVIL challenges broken - one in Iraq and one in Washington - and now it's even in two galleries in London (the Political Cartoon Gallery and the ICA, in case you thought the title was a dyslexic rendering of CIA). Culture ahoy!

we got sent this amazing photo from a patrol base in Baghdad First we got sent this amazing photo from a patrol base in Baghdad, of troops taking some time out from the real 'war on terror' to play its boardgame counterpart. There are smiles all round, which is lovely to see, but we're not sure if it's post-modern irony, or simply relief that the violence is abstracted for once. We'd love to see more WoT-lovers on the 'front line', so if you have any photos, please send them our way. We'd also love to know what you think of playing a game about a war you're engaged in. Which one, for example, is more pointless?

It's obviously the season for EVILness as just a week later an enterprising fan sent in a series of photos taken during a trip to Washington DC. They're quite impressive, especially as the only security restriction they encountered was being told that they couldn't use a tripod to take the photos.

And, to bring the war back home again, we're very chuffed to announce that War on Terror is being stocked by both the Political Cartoon Gallery, just round the corner from the British Museum, and the Institute of Contemporary Arts, right on the Mall. Here's the lowdown on the ICA from their website:

"The ICA is home to the best new art and culture from Britain and around the world. A meeting point for exploration between artists and audiences, the ICA examines the questions that shape our culture, society and individual lives."

Hopefully, the next time the Queen rides by, she'll pop in and grab herself a copy.

Slowly but surely, WoT is mutating into what we always wanted it to be - a board game, a piece of art, a political statement, satirical subversion, lots of FUN and a free balaclava.

One day there'll be a category for just that in 'Toys R Us', but until then, we'll settle for the ICA.


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