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18 Sep 2007

And the 'Most Inventive Medium for Propaganda' Award Goes To ....

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Not sure how we missed this, but a recent trawl through our site stats revealed that we had won an award that not only were we not aware of, but also seems entirely invented for the purpose of bestowing upon us.

The rather low-key, but extensive (just check out their archive) Socialist Unity Network voted War on Terror, the boardgame the 'Most Inventive Medium for Propaganda' in their prestigious, annual Socialist Unity Awards.

Our response to this great honour is threefold: 1) Thanks guys! 2) Why weren't we invited to the awards ceremony? (Just because we drank all the booze once doesn't mean we'll do it again). 3) It's not propaganda, it's just a game, man.

In other news - and almost legitimising the above award - you may recall that War on Terror has been sneaking appearances in the background of the IT Crowd set. Well knock us down with a feather-tipped WMD if they weren't actually playing the darn thing in episode four. It's about 4 mins 20 seconds into this YouTube clip.

(For geeks though, they weren't paying much attention to the proper rules. Tsk!)

Breaking News: Oi oi Australians! You can now get the game cheaper by buying it from the excellent New Internationalist (who incidentally rated the game 5 stars). This is the first of hopefully many outlets in Australia, so our antipodean liberation starts...


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