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05 Sep 2007

WMD's found in Reading University!

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The early bird of Akrilia catches the Worm of Hope...or in other words, a chap named Paul, got up early at a games convention, found a WMD card that was half tucked behind a registration board and presented himself to us, proudly waving his WMD.

So we had the first eagle-eyed winner of our game. Over the next few days more WMDs were coming out of the wood work or being peeled from fire hydrants, found on the underside of stairs, unstuck from walls. You name the place, we had them hidden. Not a lot of people believed the intelligence when we told them WMDs were out there but then who can blame them?

Possibly the best reaction to receiving a free game was this: 'I've found this, do I really get a free game?', 'Yes, here have this one' and before any more could be said the very happy figure left our stand running and screaming. We hope you enjoy it, friend, whoever you are! (You can catch some of the other slightly more static competition winners in Photo form in the gallery). The only WMD not to be found was, incredibly, the one lodged in the tray of the bar till. This was nothing short of a miracle, especially considering the bar was busy enough to be drunk dry on the first night. Luckily normal service resumed for each and every night that followed - of course with that amount of drink being drunk we’re not sure that the term ‘normal’ really applies.

Friday night saw us wander into a rather fine looking Fancy Dress party in the Students' bar (that should read 'LARP Party' - Role-Playing Ed.). They had all sorts of costumes that we didn't understand and a few we did, From Chewbacca in high heels (very sexy) to blood splattered zombies (level 7 grade 2 zombies from the shoecupboard extension pack of the now deleted 'Zombie Zombie') The night was great, even when Andy persuaded Tom to join all the entrants on stage. 'If you're asked, just say you're the character 'John'. Amazingly Tom wasn't asked and got a cheer when it was his turn to raise his arm. It was either big love or the drink, either way a great night was had by all and it ended when we staggered back to our rooms to try out a Laser chess type of game that we picked up from the Bring n Buy stall opposite ours (Andy won - Game Results Ed.).

The only WMD not to be found was, incredibly, the one lodged in the tray of the bar till Saturday saw more insults flown between the 'Bring and Buy Boys’ and ourselves via the medium of the humble paper airplane. The VIP artists and Tom were asked to create some new and original artworks for a crazy game entitled '1000 blank cards'. The basic premise runs thus: Name of card, card action plus an effect if desired, points awarded by said card ranging from -1000 to +1000. You play the cards (There were over 50 original superbly drawn cards by the VIP's - and a few from Tom) and you draw your own to combat the card you've just received! It's that simple, and a hellava lot of fun...it just gets silly! Luckily the set was the second highest article at the charity auction on Saturday night. Big up the VIP's. We blame Tom's interference for it not hitting the number one slot.

Saturday night's entertainments went on into the early hours which appears to be the norm at gaming conventions we discover. 5am Sunday morning and our guitar wielding group had a grumpy visitor wearing a medieval tunic of sorts: 'I was really enjoying killing Goblins but they keep blowing the candles out which is just childish so I've stopped', A few more Irish Whiskies and we set off to bed at 7am. Buzzing from caffeine and not able to sleep, we were fresh faced for Sunday Morning and the last day of trading. It proved to be our best day

We had a great time, met lots of wonderful gamers, tradesmen and tradesladies and wish to praise the organisation of 'Horsemen Events' for doing such a good job and for being so bloody nice to us all weekend. And now…We’re going to get some sleep.


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