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23 Apr 2008

We salute Salute.

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Salute 08 was officially a success - we met loads of great people, chuckled and laughed, didn't notice we hadn't eaten breakfast until about three in the afternoon, didn't have time to eat breakfast until about four in the afternoon, saw a bunch of stormtroopers making kids do press ups, sold all the stock we took and nearly ran out of petrol on the way home, but didn't. Phew. We couldn't have asked for more.

The day got off to a corking start when we set the stand up in record time. And boy did it look good. Gone were the pornographic magazines and other bits of 'apocalyptic' rubbish we collected and displayed on our Vegas stand, instead, for Salute 08, we heralded in poster sized quotes about the game. The most common response all day was 'Are these for real?' All we could do was reply honestly that we couldn't make this stuff up if we tried.

People reported 'awesome' and 'epic evenings'It doesn't stop being surreal to meet people whose faces light up when they say they have played our game, and there were a lot at Salute 08. People reported 'awesome' and 'epic evenings', and then thanked us for making it and making it so well. It really flattered and tickled us.

Unfortunately for a lot of people we sold out our entire stock before the end of play. Our apologies once more go out to those of you who were left wanting. This success came despite Tom's sales tactics which hit an all time low when he was distracted by a passing remote controlled mini tank. His excitement was so infectious that the young customer he was talking to darted off through the gathered crowd to get a better view. Tom's defence was weak: 'Yeah but you don't see one of those every day and it did have flashing lights on it'

We must thank the organisers for letting us exhibit, and everybody who spoke to us at Salute 08 for their warm support and encouragement which blew us away. Nobody got upset and people laughed a lot. So when it comes to the war on terror, peace is an option after all.

Oh, one last thing, we now have it on good authority that The Office of Counter Terrorism have a copy of the game. Chaps, if your wondering how to defeat terrorism we've found the trick is not to fund it in the first place, but that's just from playing our game, what do we know?


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