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16 May 2008

Edition 2 Game Report: Tom, Ben, Jenn and Andy S

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Otherwise known as 'attack of the animals', tonight's game was quite different for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it was perhaps the most well-intentioned, genuinely benevolent game ever played. Ben in particular trailblazed a strategy of 'killing with kindness' after he became unfathomably rich through oil early on in the game.

It seemed to work. Ben's random acts of generosity made everyone else feel profoundly guilty and it was really difficult to be nasty back. The end result is that peace was seriously threatening to break out. Jenn, who normally revels in the lowliest gutters of evildom, was transformed and spent the game exchanging cards, money and even developments with Ben.

Andy S tried to spice things up half way through by nuking Tom (who, at that time was close to winning and having been EVIL four times in a row had about 30 cards in his hand). This failed thanks to Tom's cunning earlier acquisition of a nuclear bunker. Andy S tried exporting democracy, but this only had a short-lived benefit for the people in Western Russia. Tom's dictatorship soon reclaimed the country.

Ben took the game easily in what was undoubtedly the nicest victory ever recorded From there, it was a foregone conclusion - Tom retaliated and wiped Andy S's Empire down to two villages, instead of concentrating on Ben's exponentially growing wealth. Andy S turned terrorist and had to try and keep both Tom and Ben in check, while Jenn nudged close to the final goal with 7 Liberation Points.

Unless someone started acting soon, the game was going to be won pretty quick, with all three remaining Empires looking strong. Andy S tried to pull a truce with Ben, sending him into a deep moral quandry. It backfired (or succeeded, depending on where you stand) when Ben accepted the truce and thus his Empire remained virtually intact.

One round later and Ben had it in the bag. He even had one point more than was required. And in a crass attempt to impress, before he won, he decided to buy off all the terrorists in the world 'just so we'd remember' for next game. Ben took the game easily with Europe, North America and a sprinkling of cities in what was undoubtedly the nicest victory ever recorded. Quizzed about his unusual playing style, Ben claimed 'I just played an economic strategy'. What a smug git.

The military bases weren't used much, but the other rule tweaks once again gave the impression of a faster, more stable game. The big test will be a six-player game lined up for next week, especially as the terrorist player hasn't been given much of a chance to try out the new rules.


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