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27 Nov 2008

Cambridge Calling ...

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Saturday December 6th, Mill Road, Cambridge - Cambridge residents will be familiar with the annual Mill Rd Winter Fair. It's the time of year when pedestrians fight with cars for a battle of supremacy and Mill Rd gets filled with loads of stalls and events, one of which will be the War on Terror - in the marquee outside the swimming pool.

It should be a lot of fun since we've not done that much in our home town. We'll be dusting off those WMDs for the old party favourite, 'Hunt the WMD' and all three of us will be on hand to sign, deface and devalue the best Christmas present out there. (We're talking about War on Terror by the way, so no smart arse comments about why we're defacing Wii Balance Boards or whatever).

To be honest, just the novelty of being able to walk in the middle of the road with a certain amount of impunity is reason enough to check it out. (We'd still suggest looking both ways before you cross though; remember the Green Cross Code).

Be there, or be in the Grafton Centre.


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